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The power of transforming creative chaos into sytematic action.

A program built by Dana Grant

Change Your Game

In 1 Day 

Does this sound like  YOU?

  • You repeat the same cycle over and over.

  • You know your next step but stop short of taking it.

  • You choose to focus on others rather than yourself.

  • You feel frightened to level up in your business, career, or life. 

  • You find a hundred different ways to waste time. 

Deep down in your soul, you know that you are capable of EXTRAORDINARY things. Sometimes, that little voice in your head can really mess with you!  We have created a space to help you break through your limiting beliefs and patterns of self sabotage. 

Join us for a day where you will discover the secret to time management through the clarity of trusting the process.

Leap Into March: A Creative Problem Solving Workshop

WHERE : Unwined Kitchen & Bar

WHEN: FEB 29th | 10AM - 4PM

( Yes! FEB 29th - it's your year to leap! )

Dana Grant will be hosting a 1-day workshop that will guide you to take the leap your soul desires.  We are excited to help you achieve your dreams! 

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."

Are you ready to create a new story?

One Day OR Day 1 : You Decide! 

Delicious, as only Unwined serves, Farm To Table luncheons. Coffee/tea and infused water available all day and afternoon desert!

What You'll learn:


You cannot change that which you are unwilling to face. Learn to move forward with your goal setting in order to achieve your dreams. 

Accomplish Anything

Embody you...not your fears. Learn to ignore what the insecurites of your mind tell you and lead with your heart. 

Image by Kat Yukawa
Crush Your goals

Learn to manage your time to make room for your dreams to manifest. Develop a clear and planned out map to succeed. 


"If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always gotten"

Are you ready for your transformation?

Meet your host

"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried" 

Dana knows that in order to succeed you must try again, fail again, and then fail even better! Let us help you find the courage to break free from judgments of failure and begin anew.

It's 2020! Let's create the vision you want to move forward with!

Dana Grant

Dana Grant is an Intuitive Master Coach and Co Founder of Cali'flour Foods. She is a corporate consultant, speaker, and international retreat leader. She is dedicated to helping you unleash your inner power and step into your future with boldness and clarity. 

For more information, visit

Walk away from this workshop with the tools to succeed.

We know if you dedicate yourself today to this process you will have a first rate template to transform any issue that comes up over the years ahead.

Why wait another day when you can start your engines right now!

We can't wait to have you join us!

Are you ready to take this journey?

What People Are saying about Dana.

I've known Dana for many years and I’ve watched the magic she creates for her one on one clients and at her events. She is a FORCE to be reckoned with, and someone who can very quickly identify what needs to happen and create a path to help you get there. 

Susan Hyatt

Master Life Coach & Author of BARE

Dana isn't just a coach. She is a warrior. And she does it with such grace and power that it accelerates your healing at a rate you may not have thought possible.

Kate Grace

Teacher & Founder of


So Good. Sessions I've had with Jacia (breath work, dances, coaching ) all leave me feeling more connected, held, empowered, and ready to engage fully with my life. She's brilliant and kind, and passionate about each person really thriving in this life.

Olivia Peters-Lazaro

Owner & Acupuncturist at

Chico Community Accupuncture

Dana's awesome. So Intuitive & knowledgable. It’s a great experience . I learned so much more about myself, & accomplished even more in a short time.

Anita Gypsy Love



I've known Dana for over two years now. In the beginning it was strictly professional and business relationship. Personally, you really get to know a person, their heart, their intention and characteristics when you deal with them on a professional/business level. Dana has done just that for me and beyond. Now our relationship is evolving into personal level and I couldn't be more happy to have her in my world. She's done amazing work creating projects with me, guiding me through expanding my business and helping me navigate personal challenges. This woman is a gem!

Mariz Brown

Founder of 

Women Of Vision Movement


I am beyond grateful for the tools and skills Dana Grant has given to me that have made a tremendous difference in my life. Dana is a pleasure to work with, very intuitive, and knows how to connect with her clients in a grounded, love-filled, joyful manner. Thank you, Dana, for being you!

Julie Cook

Manages Paradise Center

For Spiritual Living


Jacia is an amazing teacher, so wise and so inspiring. EVERY single class or workshop I have taken from her has been total transformation. I highly recommend anything she offers you will be in awe of her knowledge and ability!!!

Francine Stuelpnagel

Founder of



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